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First: Registration & transfer agent fees
(1) Agent transfer fees

Joint stock companies pay annual fees , collected in the month of January every year, in advance of the year and called (Agent transfer fees) for services provided by the company in the conservation and management of shareholders of listed companies records, and provide other support services to those companies and their shareholders, obtained the fess as follows

  • Public joint stock companies from the 0.0007 paid-up capital with a minimum of 1,000 OMR, and a maximum of 125,000 OMR
  • Closed joint stock companies 0.0002 from the paid-up capital with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 2.000 OMR.

Note: For public shareholding companies, the fees are calculated on the paid-up capital, with an upper limit of fee, and apply it to the increase share capital for these companies throughout the year, as well as the part of month are calculated on the basis of an entire month. Closed joint stock companies are treated in the same way, taking into account the roof top of fees that being charged for one year.

(2) Registration fees.
  • Joint stock companies pay membership fees only once upon listing in the following manner: -
    a. Public Joint Stock Companies 2,000 OMR
    b. Closed Joint Stock Companies1.000 OMR.
(3) Agent transfer of government and commercial bonds fees.

The company provides service of Representative bondholders issued by companies and commercial banks , the main work and roles of the representative of bondholders according to the organization and regulation issued by the Capital Market Authority as the following: -

  • Monitoring material contracts, situations, actions , announcements (including the publication of the annual financial statements) carried out and announce by the bond Issuer from time to time. The Issuer must notify the Secretary of bondholders of any material transaction or contract that would affect the rights of bondholders.
  • Confirms periodically to the same the Issuer commitment to its obligations to pay benefits.
  • Monitoring the obligation of bonds Issuer in general with terms and conditions of the bonds, and contract based on the trust
  • To carry out the required upon receipt of any reasonable request from bondholders, the auditors, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Sultanate of Oman, the Central Bank of Oman, Muscat Securities Market, General Authority for Capital Market, the issuer himself and to any situation that may constitute an event or violation may have or shall have material effect on the fundamental rights of bondholders.
  • Act as a mediator for any material conflict may occur between the Issuer and any single bond holder or a number of bondholders, about the loan bonds that issued directly related to the terms and conditions attached to the loan bonds and other tasks referred to in Article 27 of the Regulations for the Law of capital.

In the event that the issuer breaching any condition, failed to pay the amounts due on time and duty paid, or in case of any material events, that the Secretary of bondholders felt it may had materially impact on the rights of the bondholders, the Secretary of bondholders shall have right to take required actions by the procedures contained on this agreement in order to save or protect the rights of bondholders as separate category from the Depository of bond issuer.

  • 0.001 Transfer agent fees for the bonds of government`s development from the value of the version without an upper limit, to be paid in advance upon listing the bond in market.
  • 0.0002 Transfer agent fees for the commercial bonds from the annually version and without an upper limit.
Second :Fees for bondholder representative services :

The company charge in exchange for bondholder representative services annual fee, ranging from (5) to (20) thousand OMR. Calculated based on the value & type of Issuance, whether the bonds secured or unsecured, as well as period.

Co. Type Bank Finance Company Join Company Closed Company
  Secured UnSecured Secured UnSecured Secured UnSecured Secured UnSecured
Less than 5 Millions 2,000 4,000 3,000 5,000 4,000 6,000 5,000 7,000
Less than 5 to 20 Millions 4,000 6,000 5,000 7,000 6,000 9,000 7,000 10,000
Less than 20 to 30 Millions 6,000 7,000 7,500 10,000 9,000 12,500 10,000 15,000
Less than 30 to 40 Millions 7,500 10,000 10,000 12,500 12,000 15,000 15,000 17,000
Less than 40 to 50 Millions 10,000 11,500 12,500 15,000 15,000 17,500 17,000 20,000
More than 50 Millions 17,000 20,000 20,000 22,500 22,500 25,000 25,000 30,000
  • Fees of Listing Government Sukuk by (1) of ten thousand of the value of annual comprehensive issue, including providing Payment agent service to pay revenues Government Sukuk with a maximum of 25 thousand riyals annually for any Issuance.
  • Fees of listing Sukuk issued by companies and non-governmental institutions By (1) of the ten thousand of the Issuance value annual, Up to a maximum (40) thousand OMR , Payment of revenue Sukuk service fees Calculates on the basis of the minimum applicable fees provide dividends service by (2000) OMR for each distribution, and Agreement may be reached and negotiate with the companies select an annual fee to pay revenue resulting in a calendar year per amount (3) Thousand OMR in the case of contracting throughout the period of Sukuk .
  • Agent bondholders service fee are as follows: -
The Value Of The Instrument (Sukuk)
Less than 5 million OMR
From 5 to 20 million OMR
More than 20 to 30 million OMR
More than 30 to 40 million OMR
More than 40 million OMR

Third: Fees of services provided for joint stock companies.

1) Cash dividend management.

  • The company provides management service cash dividend on behalf of the public joint stock companies listed in the market, this service considered an optional service to date, where the company transferred the profits directly to the bank accounts of the shareholders, or through the issuance of checks to shareholders who have no bank accounts registered in the shareholder records. Note that the 95% of the dividend done by direct bank transfer to the shareholder account.
  • The Company will charge for this service fee calculated on the basis of the number of shareholders of the contribute company upon cash distribution of dividends date for each shareholder 1.500 OMR for each distribution, with a minimum of 2,000 OMR, without upper limit.

2) General Assemblies administration.

  • The company carries on the General Assembly administration as an optional service for companies, the company charge fees for each department of the Association against the implementation of this service, according to the Categories table below: -
Category (shareholder)
Fees RO
Less than 500
More than 10.000

Fourth:Pledged Shares management : The company distributes profits received from previous years through the Pledged Shares in cooperation with the Capital Market Authority, where the company will charge an annual fee about 3% of the value of dividends by the end of the year with maximum of 40,000 OMR.


Provide shareholders data during the IPO process.

The company provides this service for Issue managers of recent IPOs, IPO banks during any new issuance of the Omani market.
By linking the basic data of the shareholders (registered in the company records) with Issue managers database and IPO banks , consequently they will not have to enter shareholder`s basic data (Name, ID number, Address and Bank Account) again in their records, as by providing these institutions with shareholder number that contains all basic data required for IPO . The Company will charge fee for one time when providing the service with a minimum OMR 10,000 and a maximum of 15,000 OMR.

Lien and restriction fees / release of lien and restriction

  • The company charge lien and restriction fees from the pledgees, according to the total number of shares of the financial securities required lien and fees range between 10 and 50 OMR .
  • Charge the company`s release of lien and restriction, according to the total number of shares of the financial securities required by the release of lien and fees range between 5 and 20 OMR.
  • The company`s charge fee for every transaction concerning the custodian by 1.500 OMR
No of shares
Lien RO
Releasing Lien RO
more than 200.000

Fifth :Clearing and settlement fees and other charges :

1) Transfers
Type of transfer
Transfer fees rate
Minimum limit RO
Maximum limit RO
Inheritance transfers
Family transfers
Transfers between accounts belonging to the same person
Repurchase the bond transfers(REPO)
Global depository receipts transfers (GDR \ ADR)
Transfers of securities between Custodians
Transfers Execution of Sentences
Dividing the common propertysecurities transfers
IPOs transfers correct errors
Commandment securities transfers
Transfers resulting from mergers

2. Fines
Company will charge fines for delaying the implementation of the transaction or any other fines in accordance with the list of clearing and settlement issued by the Royal Decree issued Regulations.
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