Access to selected service requires authentication. Please proceed by selecting one of the following options:

Did you activate your ID Card for sign in? If not please read the below instructions

  • The user (Only citizen and resident) has to have an ID card from the new generation. These ID cards are issued from (Royal Oman Police - The Directorate General of Civil Status) in the different regions. This ID card has 3 lines of code in the back side.
  • The ID cards are activated by PKI in the same location of the card issuing.
  • The user will create a PIN code (6 Digits only) in the process of activation (The user should not forget this PIN code and not give it to anyone).
  • The user can register to mcd investor using his ID card and the smart card reader. he will be asked to enter the PIN code to be authenticated.​
  • The user (Only citizen and resident) must have PKI enabled ID-Card (See ID-CARD PKI ACTIVATION) ​
  • The user must replace his SIM card to one which supports PKI technology (Go to service Provider - Omantel | Ooreedoo).
  • The user should access website to activate his mobile PKI (the user will need a smart card reader for one time only).
  • The user should choose the service "Mobile PKI Activation" then follow the instructions.
  • The user will receive 6 messages asking him to create the mobile PKI PIN code. He has to put the same PIN code (6 Digits only) which was created for the ID card for 6 times till he notified that the operation finished successfully.
  • The user can check if his mobile PKI is activated successfully by choosing the service "Mobile PKI Status" in the same website
  • Then register to mcd investor.